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The art of innovation

By Guy Kawasaki
“It’s OK to have elements of crappyness to your revolution”
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Make your own character bible
By Lars DenickePeter Thaler  

Turbo-charge your character designs with key advice from Pictoplasma's workshops.
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The Arts and Crafts of To-day
William Morris

Art and Its Producers, and The Arts and Crafts of To-day: Two Addresses Delivered Before the National Association for the Advancement of Art, Longmans & Co., London, 1901

William Morris over zijn visie op het belang van toegepaste kunst in het leven van 'the working class'. 

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The beauty of data visualization
David McCandless

Hoe data visualisatie de journalistiek kan helpen door omvangrijke informatie inzichtelijk te maken voor een breed publiek.

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Moving the Needle: Inclusivity in Design
A look at how illustration played a major role in 2017’s biggest redesigns
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“Add to Slack” concept by Diógenes Brito
2017 was a year defined by people leaning in. It was marked by debate on diversityinclusivity, and sexism, from the sterile halls of Silicon Valley to the studios of the entertainment industry, and across the political spectrum.
So, what does this have to do with design? Everything, really.
Design is a reflection of our society and an indicator of where we are as a culture. What we see from brands in magazines, on our Facebook feeds, and on websites, often mirrors the world in which we live.
That’s also why design has the power to inform.
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